Real-life Marketer practice

AA donates EUR 1500 to co-finance Y1 real life practice — digital advertising campaigns (initiated by faculty member Marius Raugalas’09 within the Marketing course). 32 student teams each put EUR 100 to use for 16 businesses suggested by alumni and students.

AA donates EUR 1500 to co-finance Y1 real life practice in FB advertising

A couple of remarks from Marius –

[..] the marketing student project has fully concluded, with great results and very positive feedback from both the students and the participating companies [..].

1) Overall, students have spent nearly 3,200 eur on Facebook ads, delivering over 3 million ad impressions around the world and over 40,000 website visits for 16 participating companies, with nearly half of them also reporting some generated leads/sales (it was not possible to track this directly due to some technical limitations stemming from our project setup), on top of useful learnings and insights.

2) Students have rated the Marketing project/assignment at 6.2 on a 7-point Likert scale, and the overall course at 6.3, both of which are the highest scores since I started leading the course in 2016, and it also makes it the highest rated Y1 course in 2020/2021 academic year to date. Last year, Marketing was rated as second best Y1 course after Macroeconomics, despite being one of the very few courses that already had to be delivered 100% online.

3) Participating companies have rated their overall project experience at 4.4 on a 5-point scale, with all but one of them saying that they would be willing to participate again next year, and 13 out of 16 saying they would do it even if they had to fund the ads themselves – this means that we could possibly manage to run the project with much smaller, if any, costs for the school next year. I would however also have to be more selective with company selection and to better manage their expectations and involvement, as the student experience was not consistent with all of them – some faced difficulties in dealing with their companies.

Alumni Association has co-financed Y1 real life practice — digital advertising campaigns with EUR 1500 donation.

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