Cheers Alumni in our new Meeting Place

~50 alumni, over 2 hours of fun, live performance, greeting by a surprise guest and desire for the show to go on — this is how the first online event Cheers Alumni went!

Last ones chatting in the Lounge

After joining the Board of Alumni Association, Arta Beitāne’15 said “we need an alumni place”. On April 15 her team has delivered a fully furnished Alumni Club for our first ever virtual social event. It was co-hosted by Vilma Green’04 from London and Nikita Strezhnev’17 from Riga and Arta herself from Paris filling up for all the unexpected matters.

After familiarizing with the reality-like spatial sound chat in the lounge, we got our mood set at the main stage by hosts & President Inese which was followed by socializing in smaller self grouped circles with some call backs to the main stage for surprises (e.g. hello from Morten Hansen disguised as Stephen King, live song by Ieva Pecukevičiūtė’17).

The event was scheduled to finish after 2 hours but some of us stayed way longer than that…

Alumni Association has covered the establishment costs of the Virtual Alumni Club in the amount of EUR 50.

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