Eagle is an eagle even in Estonia

Eagle is an eagle even in Estonia” says Māris Simanovičs’01 at hole #7 in Pärnu golf fields during SSE Riga Alumni Cup (August 21). The cup was held for the 7th time. So far all the previous tournaments had been held in Latvia so last winner and this year organizer Martins Dauburs’11 decided to take it to neighboring Estonia.

In this tournament there were 13 participants (12 Latvians + 1 Estonian and included 3 ladies). Eventually, it was won by Artūrs Puļķis’11 who beat Madara Tēraudkalna’11 exactly by 1 point (41 vs 40). 3rd place went to Kārlis Putriņš’11 who had the same score (36) as Liene Upeniece’00 but due to lower handicap bronze title went to Kārlis. For the second year in a row Karel Rappo’21 had the best stroke score (85 strokes).

Alumni Association has supported the event with EUR 400 donation.

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