Stimulating Socially Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Innovation

In response to the CFLA call for applications for the ‘Innovation grants for Students, 2nd round’ programme, SSE Riga designed an educational programme and a startup incubator to promote Socially Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Student Innovation (SRESSI).

While not everybody will identify as an entrepreneur, many people will be well-aware of various issues, inefficiencies, or problems that they come across in their everyday life. SRESSI is being designed in such a way as to provide students with a resource-rich platform to go and do something about those issues – to make a tangible contribution to the society they live in, and to the environment they are surrounded by; all the while developing a range of valuable entrepreneurial, managerial, and strategic skills.

The CFLA requirements stipulated a 15% private co-funding for SSE Riga application to qualify.

Alumni Association has supported the establishment of the program with EUR 3000 donation.

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