Changes to AA Board

Earlier this month two new members were elected and appointed to the Board of the Alumni Association – Inga Bratēna and Elizabete Andersone now join existing directors, Arta Beitāne, Viktors Bolbats and Akmis Lomsargis on the Board. Baiba Lokenbaha has been appointed the President, the Board Chairwoman.

Congratulations and thank you all who voted!

Baiba Lokenbaha’13 – the President
Baiba has been in the Board since 2019 and managed the alumni scholarship award process. In her third year with the organization, she will bring in her leadership and expertise in helping to shape the association’s direction and focus.

To ensure continuity of AA governance, 2 out of 6 AA board members have been replaced this year (the principle of board refreshment – periodic rotation of board leadership roles, balancing the benefits of rotation against the benefits of continuity, experience and expertise) and “we have yet another incredible mix of talented leaders forming our team, guiding the AA, and I’m honored to welcome our newest board members to the team” – says Baiba.

Elizabete Andersone’19 – Board Member for Communications and Marketing
Elizabete brings in the startup vibes from Estonia. She found herself in the tech startup marketing during the internship and has never looked back since then. She is Latvian by nationality but now lives in Tallinn and spends her days bringing B2B SaaS products to market.

Inga Bratēna EMBA’08 – Board Member for Scholarships Management
Inga recently joined Luminor as the Head of People and Culture division. Prior to joining Luminor, she worked with senior executive selection and HR consultancy and is an ICF Latvia accredited executive coach.

Concurrent with the new additions, former president Inese Jureviča’00 and Estonian/EMBA representative Janno Kuusk EMBA’16 have transitioned from the board.

During your tenures with the organization (for 2 and 4 (!) years respectively) the AA has maintained and strengthened its position within the School’s community and your presence will continue to have an impact on us moving forward. Thank you, colleagues, and farewell, friends!” – Baiba continues.

The first Board meeting for the newly formed team is set on November 30. Cheers to the exciting times ahead! And yet again, a kind reminder that the AA Board is open for feedback, ideas and chat any time – we love to hear from you, alumni!

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