Call for Alumni Mentors

Alumni mentors are welcome to join the programme till December 5. Applications by students who wish to take advantage of a mentor’s expertise will be open starting from December 6.

Participation in the programme is voluntary. The programme is run by the SSE Riga Alumni Association in cooperation with the Student Association and SSE Riga. Mentoring typically takes place over a period from January to May, but may continue if both parties find it valuable.

Examples of topics covered during the mentoring process: How to gain most out of studies? How to choose an industry/job? How to get the job/ internship that I want? How to set and reach personal development goals?

Mentoring may be face to face and/or over Skype or Zoom. Meeting frequency, format and content is highly individual.

If you are willing to support a SSE Riga student through a personal mentoring relationship, invest about 2 hours per month in personal coaching for your mentee, give advice and share industry insights, share personal experience, voice opinions and give open and honest feedback, and help the mentee in expanding his/her network, please apply to to express your interest.

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