AA Oath | Graduation’22

Congratulations once again, Class of 2022! We’re proud to welcome you as members of the Alumni Association of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

There’s just one thing left to do – the oath.

Me, myself and as a graduate of SSE Riga, I hereby solemnly pledge unbroken allegiance to my Alma Mater in appreciation for opportunities, for development afforded me as a student at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

I pledge active membership in the Alumni Association wherever I may be. Through association with fellow alumni, I shall ever do my best to uphold the ideals and traditions of Alma Mater, including but not limited to the following (repeat after me):

  • I pledge to fight for what is right and just, and a positive cash flow;
  • I pledge to help and support my fellow alumni in the job hunt and climbing up the latter, even if I wanted that position myself;
  • I pledge to do well in life and, thus, to generate good content for the Alumni Insider (AA’s monthly newsletter);
  • I pledge to engage in community events to keep the spirits up and make the Association’s efforts worthwhile;
  • I pledge to give back to the community as a mentor, sponsor and/or hero of the party;
  • I pledge to become a contributing member as soon as my probationary period is successfully passed;
  • I pledge to work hard and not to forget to have good fun on the way;
  • I pledge to drop all those FE jokes, unless I’m surrounded by alumni only;
  • I pledge to excel my social interaction skills to make Anders proud;
  • I pledge to have fun tonight and make it night to remember!!!!!!

With this you have now pledged as a graduates of SSE Riga to exemplify the high ideals thus implied, rendering positive service to community, state and society, and so to live as ever to bring honor and respect to our Alma Mater.

Thank you and welcome on board!


Baiba Lokenbaha, Class’13

The President of the Alumni Association

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