Backing new Board Members

Letter from the President-Elect

Dear All,

The primary objective of the AA is to build and sustain relationships between alumni and SSE Riga, while furthering the School’s mission. It’s not a single person’s venture though; thus, I take great pleasure in introducing three remarkable graduates, my colleagues to work on the Board and direct the way for the upcoming term.

I’m thrilled to invite Hilda Lilje’98, Ēriks Ciguzis’00 and Kristaps Siliņš’14 to the Board!

Each of them has a remarkable career and their contributions to the School are already noteworthy – all of them are generous benefactors, mentor students and take part in School events with great enthusiasm.

There are two well-established traditions at hand in the formation of the AA Board:
(1) assembling a group of diverse graduates that work well together; – check!
(2) requesting that alumni cast their votes in support for the committed candidates.

Please, give your backing HERE by Sunday, Jan 29. By the end of January, the new Board members will officially assume their roles.

I appreciate your time, thank you, and hope to see you around,

Arta Beitāne’15
President-Elect of the Alumni Association

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