Changes to AA Board

Earlier this month two new members were elected and appointed to the Board of the Alumni Association – Inga Bratēna and Elizabete Andersone now join existing directors, Arta Beitāne, Viktors Bolbats and Akmis Lomsargis on the Board. Baiba Lokenbaha has been appointed the President, the Board Chairwoman. Congratulations and thank you all who voted! BaibaContinue reading “Changes to AA Board”

Scholarship Awards 2021

On October 6th the SSER Alumni Association Scholarship Awards Ceremony took place, and 37 students were awarded scholarships with the aim to honour and motivate outstanding performance. The Alumni Association, generously supported by corporate sponsors and individual donators, provided scholarships totalling EUR 64 200: The scholarship amounts range from EUR 2 075 to EUR 5 250.Continue reading “Scholarship Awards 2021”