The Board of the Alumni Association represents the interests of all SSE Riga alumni and helps to strengthen relationships between alumni and between alumni and the School by providing advice on alumni engagement programming and supporting the broader objectives of SSE Riga in engaging its international alumni community in a reciprocal relationship.

Three principles guide everything that the Alumni Association does: “honouring traditions, advancing the School, and enhancing the alumni experience.” According to Alumni Association’s President Inese Jurēviča, the SSE Riga alumni are

“an ambitious and innovative cohort, raised by and dedicated to the school values, with ability to make an impact as individuals and as a group.”

Indeed, with almost 3000 alumni, many of whom have a profound impact on the societies and sectors in which they live and work, the SSE Riga alumni are a force to be reckoned with.


The purpose of the AA is to create, foster, and strengthen the network and connections between alumni and with SSE Riga, while extending the mission of the School.

In order to do that, we distinguish six functions:

  • Enhance a powerful alumni network

    • coordinate an inclusive, friendly yet professional network from both SSE Riga degree programs, a powerful network for impact that spans across the globe,
    • offer a platform to meet and engage in discussion wherever you are anytime – SSE Riga Alumni Club (check it out!)
  • Alumni relations with the School

    • promote the voice and views of alumni so they are heard by the School,
    • suggest: (i) how alumni can best contribute to the School and the Association, (ii) what the School should do to ensure the best contribution from alumni, and (iii) how best to recognise that alumni contribution,
    • foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the School’s community by engaging alumni in their lifelong relationship with the School
  • SSE Riga brand recognition

    • defend the SSE Riga diploma and extend its recognition to national and international institutions,
    • promote SSE Riga in the Baltics and around the world, thanks to events organised on relevant economic, social, and intellectual issues,
    • strengthen SSE Riga, the School we represent. We are passionate about our alma mater year in and year out and the strength of our association grows from the sheer number of members
  • Career enhancement

    • support SSE Riga students and alumni at different points in their careers, to facilitate contacts, develop closer links between graduate students and faculty members, to develop relations between the alumni, accompany students from their first internship all the way to their first steps into their career, all the while developing a strong sense of belonging,
    • maintain a job board of positions in companies run or owned (or both) by SSE Riga alumni
  • Alumni engagement and contributions

    • assist the School in recruiting new students, offer student scholarships, develop mentoring relationships with the student body, improve student life, and often support research or expansion through philanthropic gifts – in some cases, this support is tied to a specific project, in others, it is recognition of the impact of a thoughtful leader. Alumni scholarships also go a long way in building stronger ties between the community members
  • Beyond community

    • positively affect national legislation relating to higher education

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