Founded in 1996 by a small group of alumni interested in continuing the fellowship of SSE Riga, SSE Riga’s Alumni Association takes great pride in its School, demonstrated best through its active membership and considerable philanthropic giving.

Its engagement rate is impressive – while the alumni network has almost 3000 members – change makers, leaders, and influencers across the world, one out of every three SSE Riga graduates contributes to animate the community and student life of SSE Riga by promoting solidarity and School’s values –

Integrity, Community and Excellence.

Every SSE Riga alumna and alumnus who has successfully completed a degree program is a member of the SSE Riga Alumni Association, a non-profit organisation established to foster continuous relationships among members of the SSE Riga alumni community and to advance the interests and promote the welfare of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

The Board 21/22

Through the Alumni Association, there are numerous opportunities to perform community service. In order to provide a platform for alumni engagement, an elected leadership team, the Board of the Alumni Association is made up of an accomplished and diverse group of SSE Riga graduates.

How to get involved

There are many opportunities for you to support the SSE Riga alumni community and student body. Thank you for all your generosity to the Alumni Association of SSE Riga and the societies in which you live and work.

Mentorship program

Each year more than 70 duos of mentor and mentees are created for a shared benefit. The mentorship program starts each year in late August.


We believe that it is necessary, as alumni devoted to the efforts of the School, to be supportive of the students who contribute to the SSE Riga community.


Events are the bread and butter of alumni engagement. From parties and galas, to reunions and networking events, there are many ways to get together.

SSE Riga Alumni Association

This website is our recently drafted (Autumn 2021) installment highlighting the functions, goals, contributions and achievements of the SSE Riga Alumni Association. If you believe your ideas, suggestions or feedback deserves consideration, we’d love to hear from you.

4a Strēlnieku, Riga LV 1010, Latvia