The Board 2020/2021

The Alumni Association is governed by Statutes and guided by a set of Ethical Guidelines, and steered by a Board, comprised of 6 members. The composition of the Board reflects SSE Riga’s international community, and alumni volunteer members represent and advocate for all alumni in partnership with SSE Riga, via interaction with the SSE Riga Foundation. All Alumni Association Board members exercise their functions free of charge. All Board members are elected by alumni based on their interest, specialism, and ability to fulfil specific roles.

Inese Jurēviča BSc’00

Inese joined the Board in December 2019 and was elected President in November 2020. She holds a Master’s from SDA Bocconi and ESEDE Business and Law school. She has a wide range of experiences from financial advisory to investor relations, now dealing with real estate project development.

President of the Alumni Association

Corporate Fundraising

General Management

Janno Kuusk EMBA’16

Janno joined the Board in November 2017. Janno is a graduate of the University of Tartu’s Institute of law and has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2005. Janno became sworn attorney in 2008. Before joining Sirel & Partners, he was employed at one of Estonia’s largest media companies and at Hansapank, specializing in securities.

Corporate Fundraising

EMBA Alumni Affairs

Baiba Lokenbaha BSc’13

Baiba joined the Board in December 2019. Most of her experience was within audit and consulting functions, but currently, Baiba is holding a position of Senior Supervisory Expert at Financial and Capital Market Commission (Latvia). She holds a Master’s degree in Law & Finance from Riga Graduate School of Law.


Mentorship Program

Viktors Bolbats BSc’07

Viktors joined the Board in November 2020. His professional career as a banker during last 12 years, working with corporate clients large and medium, as well as present professional challenges as CEO of a local bank, focusing on corporate business, provides certainty in contribution to AA and fundraising activities. Viktors has held the position of an AA Board member 2012-2014 and is ready to give back to school and alumni again.

Corporate Fundraising

Arta Beitāne BSc’15

Arta joined the Board in November 2020. She holds a Master’s degree in Law & Finance from Riga Graduate School of Law/Paris-Saclay, co-runs a non-profit ideas-worth sharing platform TEDxRiga, and has assisted AA over years in various capacities, including being an Alumni Associate during the very successful AA fundraising campaign for SSE Riga ‘Let’s beat Stanford’ in 2013.

Individual Fundraising

Alumni Community Affairs

Akmis Lomsargis BSc’00

Akmis joined the Board in November 2020. Before that he has been active in the Board of the Lithuanian Alumni Chapter as well as initiated alumni meetings in Brussels. He was born in Vilnius, understands Latvian, spent a year in Tallinn and has visited all the other alumni countries.



Alumni Community Affairs

Anna Luīze Rezevska Class’23

Anna has been providing assistance to the Board since December 2020. She is a Y2 student at SSE Riga, a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Riga State Gymnasium No. 1, and a laureate of the Riga Municipality Golden Scholarship. Outside of school, she has led committees as a chairperson in European Youth Parliament sessions both in Latvia and abroad, and trained her project management skills in helping to create innovative IoT solutions for Venstpils nafta terminals.

Alumni Coordinator
[Student association]

Kristians Liberts Class’23

Kristians became a part of the Alumni Committee within the Student Association as a first year student and now takes up the role of the Contributing Members Coordinator. He assists the Alumni Coordinator as well as the board with various communication and technical tasks related to the Contributing Members program and helps organize the different Alumni events for current students. In addition to being a Year-2 student at SSE Riga and a member of both the  Alumni and the Business Committee as well as the Ambassador’s program, Kristians combines his studies with a job in an IT-related field.

Alumni Coordinator
[Student association]