The Student Residence Hall

Much of the student housing in need of renovation today was built for the “boomer” generation of the 1950s and 1960s, and the SSE Riga Student Residence is amongst them. Decades ago, the facility design was more pragmatic than anything and the building was constructed simply to accommodate the large influx of students in Riga. Today, although the building has held up physically, the systems, finishes, and furnishings have reached the end of their life cycle.

SSE Riga residence halls lack the amenities that appeal to today’s students. If those amenities do exist, their design, finishes, and technology is largely in need of an update.

As the School strives to offer student housing that aligns with the expectations of contemporary students, they are faced with the need to renovate the existing residence hall and to provide a modern array of amenities. However, COVID-19 has complicated these capital project decisions thus, lengthening the renovation project timelines.

The AA visited the facility and has committed to help the School to create a contemporary aesthetic and make the space more attractive to students by adding & enhancing amenities (for starters, at least).

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Today’s student renters want amenities. They want to know exactly what they’re getting for that monthly rent payment – and it is a lifestyle rather than just a place to stay over.

Inese jureviča, Former president of the AA (2020-2021)

SSE Riga Student Dormitories

The dormitories are located at Patversmes iela 22, Riga

Leisure Room on the 2nd floor
Leisure Room cont.
Study Rooms on the 1st floor (x2)

Student Rooms | Triple
Student Apartment | Double
The Building & Outdoor space

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