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While the Alumni Association of SSE Riga has expanded its activities, it started with a focus on providing scholarship funds for SSE Riga students. Financial gifts, ranging from one-time donations to monthly contributions to lifetime endowment gifts are all important and tremendously appreciated by the Association.

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Funds raised, EUR

49 500

A message from the Campaign Board Chair

Dear Alumni,

Years ago, when I was a student at SSE Riga, I learnt that when we work as a group, as a team, we can achieve great things. I’m reminded of that lesson today, as our alumni community has grown to nearly 3,000 people. Think of what would happen if every member of this network came together in support of SSE Riga. We would change the future of business, governance and society in the Baltic bubble and beyond.

I’d deeply appreciate your taking a moment to consider contributing to the scholarship fund, so that we could provide at least some sort of certainty and ease of burden for current students – the most resilient and brave who managed to succeed in spite of the demanding circumstances. At the same time, our ambitions go far beyond student scholarships – funds raised shall cover the development of the Alumni Club, a platform and space where the Alumni community would thrive.

I hope you see why SSE Riga deserves a place in your philanthropic portfolio. Let’s rise to the occasion with dedication and passion, as always.

Thank you,

Arta Beitāne ‘15

Support Beyond Scholarships

The funds also cover things like facilities improvement, faculty research, faculty enrichment and professorship, alumni events, student initiatives, ventures in the community and other projects to ensure that students succeed in graduating. Decisions are made by the Alumni Association Board.

Help Ukrainian Students graduate | Open until Homecoming’22, Nov 4

SSE Riga Dormitories
| Open

Marketing Elective
| Closed

Alumni Golf Cup’21
| Closed

SSE Riga Incubator Project
| Closed

Establishment of the Alumni Virtual Club

Shadow Index Research
| Closed

Campaign Board & Ambassadors

AA is about to form a new body to strengthen and enhance our fundraising strategy, increase its effectiveness and boost energy levels in the community.

Stay tuned!