Founded in 1996 by a small group of alumni interested in continuing the fellowship of SSE Riga, SSE Riga’s Alumni Association takes great pride in its School, demonstrated best through its active membership and considerable philanthropic giving.


The Alumni Association operates under a set of Statutes and adheres to a code of Ethical Guidelines, with leadership provided by a Board composed of 6 dedicated members.


The composition of the Board mirrors SSE Riga’s diverse international community. Our alumni volunteers serve as representatives and advocates for the entire alumni body, working in collaboration with SSE Riga through their participation in the SSE Riga Foundation.


All Alumni Association Board members exercise their functions free of charge.


All Board members are elected by alumni based on their interest, specialism, and ability to fulfil specific roles.

The Board 2023

Arta Beitāne

President of the Alumni


Hilda Lilje

Mentorship Program

Vanesa Strautniece

Executive Director

Become the positive

There are many opportunities for you to support the SSE Riga alumni community and student body

Mentorship program

Each year more than 70 duos of mentor and mentees are created for a shared benefit, and you can become one too.


We believe that it is necessary, as alumni devoted to the efforts of the School, to be supportive of the students who contribute to the SSE Riga community.

Scholarship Ceremony 2023

This year in October the SSE Riga Alumni Association Scholarship Award Ceremony took place, with 49 SSE Riga students awarded scholarships with the aim of honouring and motivating outstanding performance – as in academics, as in extra curricular activities.