Community that supports and motivates one another

For many years, the Alumni Association has been committed to provide support to SSE Riga students by offering different scholarship opportunities.

This framework of financial support, thanks to the considerable support given by the community of alumni and businesses, falls under the actions of the Alumni Association which aim to improve social and cultural inclusion.

Need Based Scholarships

Goal: to lessen the financial burden on students and families in to motivate those with tighter financial situations.
This grant was created by the Alumni community to show trust and support when it is necessary.

Merit Based Scholarships

Goal: to reduce the tuition costs to those students, who have shown excellent academic results, participates in SSE Riga community and that are thriving to grow both as a professional and as a person.

Admission Scholarships

Goal: to increase access to extraordinary opportunities at SSE Riga.

The most important mission for the Alumni Association’s scholarships is to be as a motivational for future SSE Riga Alumni, to support them in achieving their academic and professional goals and tighten the community spirit.

Baiba Lokenbaha, Chair of the Board Scholarships

The scholarships awarded to BSc‘s students provide support for them during a pivotal stage in their lives, in anticipation of their entrance into the professional world. They are acquiring a sense of the career direction that they wish to pursue and this must match their deepest inspirations and motivations.

That is why, in addition to financial support, the Alumni Association has established and provides mentoring schemes for students throughout their time at SSE Riga. With time, many of these mentor-mentee relationships transform into lifelong friendships.

To establish a named scholarship or launch a scholarship matching fund, please contact us at:

Corporate giving

From the left: Ints Krasts
SEB representatives

SEB continues to motivate SSE Riga students and donates EUR 8300

Partnership between SEB and the Alumni Association continues to thrive. The donation of EUR 8300 will be put towards merit-based scholarships.

On the right: Matīss Paegle
BaltCap representative

BaltCap supports with a full one-year scholarship

BaltCap is one of our long-term supporter and this year again they are here to support a student by provided one full need-based scholarship.

On the left: Viktors Bolbats
BIB representative

Baltic International Bank donates EUR 4000 to support students

Baltic International Bank has shown once again that they appreciate SSE Riga students and their achievements. This year BIB is donating EUR 4000 that will be put in the scholarship fund.

On the left: Deniss Kairāns, on the right: Agija Vērdiņa
Both Colliers representatives

Colliers International Advisors donates EUR 3000

Colliers International Advisors have joined our list of donators and has donated EUR 3000 that will be a great support for our scholarship fund.