Mentoring Programs

One of the goals of the AA is to enable SSE Riga students to be successful in future leadership roles through providing opportunities for personal and professional development.

The SSE Riga Alumni Mentoring Program connects current students (all scholarship candidates amongst others) to more experienced SSE Riga Alumni. Through one-on-one coaching and experience sharing, mentors support their mentees’ personal and professional development. The program matches interested BSc students with alumni mentors based on their post-BSc. professional interests and motivation.

Two mentoring programs

In 2023, in response to an increasing demand for more mentoring from students, the Alumni Association is excited to launch the General Mentoring Program – a program that is available to all SSE Riga students.

The Alumni Association’s scholarship candidate mentoring program, that has been organized for several years already, is to be continued. Under this program, mentor’s feedback on their mentees is also a significant part of the candidate evaluation process and provides additional considerations and information for the Scholarship Committee’s decision-making process.

For Students – Mentees

You qualify as a potential mentee if you are willing to:

  • Commit and actively engage in the program
  • Drive the mentoring relationship and follow-up regularly with your mentor
  • Be open and learn from others
  • Actively work on improving your skills and achieving professional success

For Graduates – Mentors

We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic SSE Riga Alumni, who are willing to:

  • Support an SSE Riga student through a personal mentoring relationship
  • Invest about 2 hours per month in personal coaching for your mentee
  • Give advice and share industry insights
  • Share personal experience
  • Voice opinions and give open and honest feedback
  • Help the mentee in expanding his/her network

Why should you be a Mentor

  • See Things from a Different Perspective

    Mentoring gives you the chance to meet a person that is not in your usual social circle, a person who views the world differently. With mentoring programs, both sides have the chance to learn from their differences and create new ideas.

  • Develop Yourself by Developing Others

    Mentoring process requires a mentor to share your experience and thoughts. By doing this and engaging in a conversation, you get the added benefit of exploring yourself more thoroughly as well!

  • Changing Behaviour

    During the mentoring process, you have the chance to discuss habits or behaviour you and the mentee have. Afterwards, it is up to you to identify and act upon potential changes and improvements. 

  • Up Your Game as a Leader

    These programs give you the ability to develop your leadership skills through mentoring. What is more, you get to shape the leaders of the future.

“Being part of the Alumni Mentorship Programme is almost like returning to SSE Riga – you share the
drive, support new students and you both get to explore new experiences. The programme allowed me to contribute back to my Alma Mater and successful personal and professional development of Irina, my mentee. All in all, mentorship is undoubtedly an experience to pursue,”

Deniss Aksjonovs

If you’re an SSE Riga alumni interested in volunteering as a mentor and you meet the above criteria for the mentoring programming, please connect with us to express your interest.